Feasibility Study of Naturalistic Style in Shark House——Taking Children's Shark House as an Example

Li Chenxin, Supawadee Juysukha


This study aims to explore the relationship between shark conservation and art design and the application of naturalistic style in shark aquariums. The study adopted the design concept of the Children's Shark House, which aims to raise awareness of marine environmental protection. Through literature research and case analysis, it reveals the survival problems faced by sharks and discusses the use of art design to improve public awareness and importance of shark protection. Combining with the promotion of marine environmental protection awareness, improve the public, especially children's awareness of marine environmental protection. The research is divided into the following three parts: Introduce the ecological environment and protection significance of sharks, analyze the naturalistic style and the design characteristics of the children's shark house, and propose improvement plans; design art works and evaluate their effect and significance on shark protection. This study is of great significance to promoting children's awareness of marine environmental protection, promoting shark protection and sustainable development of the marine environment.

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