On the Experience Strategy of Small and Medium sized Enterprises in China

Hu Yikun


Business strategy is an overall plan for a company to seek long-term survival and continuous development in the face of a fiercely changing and challenging environment; It is the concentrated embodiment of the enterprise's strategic thinking, the scientific regulation of the enterprise's business scope, and the basis for formulating plans; More specifically, business strategy is to determine the relationship between the enterprise and the environment, define the scope of the enterprise's business, growth direction, and competitive strategies, reasonably adjust the enterprise structure, and allocate all resources of the enterprise based on the conditions that meet and ensure the achievement of the enterprise's mission, fully utilizing various opportunities existing in the environment and creating new opportunities; From the perspective of its formulation requirements, business strategy is to evaluate the current and future environment with opportunities and threats, evaluate the current situation of the enterprise with advantages and disadvantages, and then select and determine the overall and long-term goals of the enterprise, and formulate and decide action plans to achieve the goals.

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