Management countermeasures for prevention and control of COVID-19 in TCM hospitals

Shen Wei Qi, Siriluck Jittrabiab, Suppalak Fakkham


At the end of 2019, the COVID-19 swept across the world, posing a huge threat to people's life and health, and impacting social and economic development. In order to effectively prevent and control the epidemic, governments and health departments of various countries have taken a series of prevention and control measures, carried out vaccination work, to improve the immunity of the population and effectively control the spread of the epidemic. As the main force in the prevention and control of the epidemic, TCM hospitals have played a unique role in the prevention, control and treatment of the COVID-19 epidemic. The concept of "treating the disease before the disease" of TCM runs through the whole process of epidemic prevention and control, which not only improves the effectiveness of epidemic prevention and control, is conducive to the rehabilitation of patients, but also promotes the inheritance and development of TCM. The research analyzed the challenges faced by TCM hospitals under the COVID-19, introduced TCM's understanding and basic principles of the COVID-19, and summarized the prevention and control management countermeasures of TCM hospitals against the COVID-19, in order to provide reference for the promotion and application of TCM in epidemic infectious diseases.

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