Factors Affecting the Health of the Elderly Aged 65 and Above in Zhonghe Community of Wanzhou District, China

Wu Yu Tian, Sarisak Soontornchai, Suppalak Fakkham


The elderly population aged 65 and above plays a crucial role in an aging society, as their health directly impacts social stability and sustainable economic development. Therefore, conducting in-depth research on the health determinants of elderly individuals aged 65 and above in the Zhonghe community of Wanzhou district becomes essential. This study focuses on the elderly individuals aged 65 and above in the Zhonghe community, identifying the risk factors that influence their health. Based on these factors, disease control and health intervention measures and methods are formulated for the community, aiming to help the government and society understand the health status of the elderly population and explore the underlying reasons behind elderly health issues. This research provides a scientific basis for the development of targeted health policies and services.

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