Utilization of Agro-industrial Byproducts as Low-cost Media for Production of Exopolysaccharides, Kefiran

Apisara Iadcharoen, Benjamas Cheirsilp


Kefiran is functional exopolysaccharide that can be used asstabilizers and also has antimicrobial properties. However, the production costs of kefiran are high, mainly due to the high cost of fermentation media. Therefore, utilizing byproducts from agro-industries would be economically attractive. Mature coconut water (MCW) and whey lactose (WL) are byproducts from industries that could be as low-cost nutrient sources for kefiran production by L. kefiranofaciens.It was found that MCW was a good nutrient source for kefiran production as it gave high kefiran yield comparable to that obtained from pure sugars. The optimal conditions for kefiran production from MCW were: sugar concentration of 50 g/L and controlling pH at 5.5 during fermentation to reduce the inhibitory effect from acidic pH and lactic acid. The maximum dry cell weight and kefiran production were 3.10 g/L and 2.23 g/L, respectively. The sugar consumption and total acid production were also as high as 98%and 5.59%, respectively. These results indicate that MCW could be used as a suitable low-cost nutrient source for kefiran production.

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