Proactive constitute enhancing Performance Security Electricity Generating Authority of Thailand (EGAT)

Nitshadapa Tiprungsri, Narong Kulnides, Nich Wongsongia


Security and Safety Division is the unit in the Electricity Generating Authority of Thailand (EGAT) needs to adapt to the 20-year national strategic plan. The duty is responsible for the security,it’s necessary to take the modern method and tools to increase the productivity by applying Forensic Science and Technology for supporting the job.

The past, Security and Safety department emphasizes the job to be in accordance with the regulations. Just to prevent the incidence that make dangerous life and corporate assets, whether the personal, documented and location

From case study of organizations such as Civil Aviation Organization, Thai Sea Computer Co., Ltd., AOT, Secure Special Guard (Thailand) Co., Ltd. All success by implementing a policy of security measures as the main factor to improve the work more efficiently with Forensic Science, using the advanced technology. New innovation. A guide to the organization. Or other agencies. Both public and private. Bring knowledge as Best Practice can be applied and adapted to the context of each organization, both public and private, in the field of security.

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