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This article aims to explore tourism development in Bagan based on general information particularly transportation, accommodation and attraction. The article will present projects for tourism development in the areas. The arrival of International visitors to Bagan which can directly contribute national income generation and employments. Its generated 338,500 job national wide during 2013 (1.2%) of total employment and MMK 849. 6bn (1.6% of GDP). Although service and facilities are weak, transportation and accommodation are currently upgrading in Bagan and expected to have enough soon. The Survey result show that most of visitors satisfied with attraction and activities in Bagan. Tourism
development is national priority for Myanmar government. Presently for tourism development master plan being implemented with corporation of government of Norway and Asian development Bank. Tourism development in Bagan a three year project (JICA) Japan International Corporation Agency is jointly
implemented with Myanmar government since 2013. These projects set up strategy direction and preparation for tourism development in Myanmar. As a result of research the strong demand to visit Myanmar and current trends suggest that visitor arrivals will increase to rise sharply. Research survey
result show that the satisfaction of services and facilities of transportation, accommodation in Bagan are 25%, 34% each. After training human resource management team for tourism development in Bagan, expected to provide more facilities and services in 2016 -onward. Statistic of International Tourist arrivals to Bagan were 230,129 till December 2014 -most arrival visitors by nationality –USA (1st), Thailand (2nd), Japan (3rd) and total arrival visitors to Bagan in 2013 were 170796. Most arrival visitors by nationality – Thailand (1st), Japan (2nd). Tourism directly associate poverty reduction and socio economic progress through employment and income generation. According to survey result show that most of the visitors satisfied with attraction and activities in Bagan, transportation, accommodation are lack satisfied. Transportation and accommodation are still need to improve including facilities and services. Moreover,  to sustain tourism development need to set-up rules and laws, train local people and let them know to benefit from its so that they can preserve and protect existing sites.

Although there are some weakness and threat in Myanmar such as lack of trained human resources, insufficient public service, infrastructure, and financial system, having outstanding historic, natural and cultural heritage with renowned friendliness of Myanmar people, Bagan has potential to become one of the top 10 tourism attraction places if government and tourism development put enough funds into rehabilitating the historical pagodas, protesting the environment, promoting the Bagan image more, encouraging foreign and future investors.



Bagan Tourism development cooperation with ADB; Tourism contribution to Economy

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