Using task-based learning focusing on Thai culture to promote English writing ability of tenth grade student

เมธินี ก่ายแก้ว


The objectives of the study were to examine the effects of teaching English through task-based learning focusing on Thai culture on students’ writing ability and their task performing ability and to explore students’ opinion.  The samples were 30 tenth grade students enrolled in the English course in the first semester from Chongmaew Wittayakom School in Lumthamenchai District, Nakhon ratchasima.  The research instruments were English writing ability test, task performing scoring rubric and a questionnaire.  The data was statistically analyzed using mean, standard deviation and t-test.

The results showed that the students’ post-test mean score of English writing ability after learning English through task-based learning focusing on Thai culture was significantly higher than the students’ pre-test mean score at the 0.05 level.  In addition, the students’ task performing abilities were at good levels.  Moreover, the students had positive opinion of learning English through task-based learning focusing on Thai culture.


Task-based learning; Thai culture; writing ability

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